Evona roulette

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Evona roulette interblock roulette pattern Octavia New 8, could be fully loaded with note acceptors, RFID keys, GSM modem, glass cupola, backlighted central wheel, lift up cupola mechanism, gambling racer manga system, multiple language versions, evona roulette system, touchscreens, multilevel password system, enhanced security system, keypads, uninterruptible power system - UPS, wide rande of sounds, 17 TFT LCD monitors, leather coverage of note acceptors, golden ashtrays, golden pillars of the top roof - marquise, other details and features

premier roulette games stefan schraut online EGG ROULETTE VIDEO roulette double up EVONA SPECIAL Luxury model. New version roulette available in black/gold and black/chrome. The recent combination red/gold/mahony is still available. We supply the Evona range of roulette machines to the UK and Ireland. These machines provide all the latest features at a sensible price. All machines include a. Evona octavia 8 player automatic roulette for sale. Accepts all Euro notes. Touch screen operation. Excellent.

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