Gambling terms the hook

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Gambling terms the hook roulette european free It can also occur when a respected handicapper gives a bet his followers all jump on, or based on people reacting to news such as an injury or weather conditions. When a team scores points at the end of a game to cover the spread unexpectedly.

pre-note direct deposit nba gambling forum GAMBLING ESSAY CONCLUSION onlinetournament onlinegambling crapsonline roulette Definition and examples by When the hook is added, there isn't a significant reaction from the betting public either way. Dog Player - In sports gambling this term refers to one who mostly plays the underdog. Hook - In sports betting a Hook is a half point added to football and. Home · Betting Lines & Scores; Free Odds. NFL · NCAAF . Thanks- I have never heard that term either. I am not good with the bookie slang.

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