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The wedge rebel wilson pokies otis roulette neon leon But the people behind The Wedgeincluding executive producer Steve Dundon and co-executive producer Ian McFadyen, wedg hoping that the time is right to launch a new sketch show, and that a softly, softly approach in its early days will allow the show to build support steadily. So the laughing in the background is fake? I understood the humour, but it wasn't funny.

is online gambling legal in spain what is a pokemon nuzlocke roulette DAVID WALSH GAMBLING SYSTEM free gambling for real money The Wedge new series of comedy for on Network Ten Australia. I love Kate Atkinson and Rebel Wilson. Sherine and Leanne (Kate Jenkinson, Rebel Wilson) - Sherine and Leanne are two women who are usually seen playing on  ‎Season one · ‎Lucy Webster skits · ‎Other skits · ‎Season two. "The Wedge is a near perfect blending of The Comedy Company's Pokies Chicks (Kate Jenkinson & Rebel Wilson) & Sandra Sultry (Katrina.

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