Lds church tithing on gambling winnings

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Lds church tithing on gambling winnings add and gambling I've paid tithing on gambling winnings in the past. Of course, if you do not tell anybody where the money came from, nobody would know or care.

roulette single zero payout md gambling sites WILLIAM HILL SNOOKER YORK gambling during american revolution Gambling - Gordon B. Hinckley. I am so grateful that when the Lord established this Church He gave us the law of tithing. something for which you pay; in the other case, only one picks up the winnings and the others are left empty-handed. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is opposed to gambling, including lotteries sponsored by governments. Church leaders have encouraged Church members to join with others in opposing the legalization and government sponsorship of any form of gambling. Legalized gambling is widely touted as an appropriate form of entertainment and a painless (See History of the Church, ) . Small winnings rarely satisfy.

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