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Smallville wiki roulette free gambling embroidery designs The heroes come together to bury Carter in his home country of Egypt, but are knocked unconscious by an unknown object that sprouts in Carter's burial chamber.

online gambling az gambling nba games ONLINE GAMBLING GAME roulette dice game Summary. Oliver is drugged and kidnapped by a woman named Victoria AKA Roulette, after he accepts her invitation to play a dangerous game and finds he. Victoria Sinclair, aka Roulette, worked with Chloe Sullivan to set up an elaborate ruse for Oliver Queen. Victoria found Oliver Queen in a casino that she ran called Roulette. But it can be assumed that the writers got the name "Victoria Sinclair" from the DC Comics Encyclopedia. Season Nine: Roulette (Mentioned only); Season Eleven: Detective . Smallville Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Content is available under CC-BY-SA.

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